May 25, 2017

Hi everyone! Welcome to the brand-new blog for One Simple Game, the gamedev studio behind Mucho Taco! ¡Bienvenidos!

If you are not familiar with 1SG, here’s a small snippet of our About Us page:

1 Simple Game is a development studio crazy for video games looking to create engaging experiences that connect, inspire, and leave a lasting impression on player’s mind. The studio was built under the premise to entertain the world, working with an amazing team of highly determined and talented individuals, and building a sustainable business from which our community can benefit from… all while having a lot of fun doing it. Video games offer us the opportunity to combine art, technology, programing, storytelling, marketing, and sound in unique ways that can entertain and inspire our players. Through our collaborative effort, we strive to build a healthy ecosystem that will allow people which share the same ideals to work making the best experiences for a worldwide audience for many years, and serve as a referent of how Mexico and LATAM can compete on a global scale.

You might also be familiar with Mucho Taco, an idle clicker game where you make zillions of tacos with the power of the sun tortilla and the guidance of Barbacoatl, an enigmatic taco connoisseur. We released Mucho Taco worldwide on September 2015 with great success: the game was heavily featured on the iOS App Store and we quickly broke the million downloads mark. We are more than grateful for the community that was formed around the game shortly after release.

This is going to be our new digital home where we will be updating you constantly on the games we are working on and talk more in depth about the process it takes to make them. From game design decisions to graphic pipelines, this is the place to get an in-depth into our studio and creative process.

On behalf of the team, welcome!