1 Simple Game
Based in Zapopan, México.

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Jan 27, 2019


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Help the Shapy Family build the tallest house by rolling and matching rooms.

Home is a place you make for yourself. Or at least that’s the motto of the Shapys, a cute family with a very clear goal: to build the tallest house ever made! Match the incoming storeys with the family member that best fits its shape and colors, and keep adding up to the house of the Shapys in a never-ending challenge.



  • Gameplay built around beautiful art and colors.
  • Meet and play with the whole Shapy family!
  • Endless arcade! Every time an exciting challenge for your visuals and memory.
  • Score points and get coins to activate power-ups!
  • Share your score and compete with friends!
  • Unlock all improvements and achievements, and build the ultimate house for the Shapy family!




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About 1 Simple Game

1 Simple Game was built at the beginning of 2013 to develop games for clients and original IPs. In April 2014 our first game was released, Mugogy Jump! Which came out for PS Vita and smartphones iOS & Android. Our next release, Mucho Taco, came out in September 2015 for iOS & Android and became a global hit, with over 2.1 million downloads and winner of several acknowledgments, such as “Best of App Store” by Apple. In November 2017 Deus Cult was released, a niche strategy game. In 2019 we were selected by Google for their program Indie Games Accelerator, for which 30 studios were selected (from over 1700 applications) from emerging countries all over the world to take part in an in-person Bootcamp in Singapore, and of virtual mentoring. June 2020 is a milestone for the studio because we released The Lullaby of Life in the Apple Arcade service. Right now, we’re in the middle of development for 2 new games, “Chronoloop” and “I’m Not Jelly”.

More information
More information on 1 Simple Game, our logo & relevant media assets are available here.


  • Pablo Ovidio Escobedo Ramírez
    Producer, Game Designer and Sound
  • Francisco Lara Sikorski
    Producer, Business Develompent and Mkt
  • Karina Lomelí Espinosa
    Producer and Game Designer
  • Román Meráz Murillo
    Game designer
  • Yuritzi Martínez Farías
    Art and Design
  • Jorge Luis Diez Marina Uribe
    Art and Design
  • Ricardo García Paredes
    Art and Design
  • Karla Becerra Salazar
    Art and Design
  • José Miguel Reyes Castro
    Art and Design
  • Edgar Arizmendi Salcedo
    Art and Design
  • Ricardo Ibarra Cortés
  • Issac Ochoa Morán
  • Rogelio Guerrero Portales
    Sound, Business Develompent and Mkt
  • Luzia Hopfner Delgadillo
    Business Develompent and Mkt
  • Karen Ocaranza Cuadros
    Business Develompent and Mkt
  • Jainny Lomelí Espinosa
    Business Develompent and Mkt
  • Axel Orozco de Anda
    Business Develompent and Mkt
  • Selene Guízar Blancas
    Business Develompent and Mkt
  • Gabriela Delgadillo Fuentes
    Business Develompent and Mkt
  • Karina Pérez Arias
    General Support
  • Fatima Pastrano Sánchez
    General Support
  • Paulina Márquez Rubio
    Special Thanks
  • Augusto Vázquez Orozco
    Special Thanks
  • Alejandra Colunga Lomelí
    Special Thanks
  • Andrés García
    Special Thanks