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What people say?

“My experience in 1 Simple Game has been quite pleasant, welcoming, the people are incredible and they help you immediately when you need it, there’s a trusting environment, and they are talented people with whom you can learn a lot.”

Noemi Puerto

“Totally grateful to 1SG as an intern, I was able to contribute and above all, learn from the hands of the experts.”

Sergio Mares

“Entering the world of videogame development was something new for me and 1 simple Game opened the doors for me to start pursuing a dream. Throughout this time I have been able to acquire a lot of knowledge and support from the members of the company. The company makes you feel like family and if you have a problem there will always be someone willing to help you.”

Lupita Macedo

“Very good video game studio, I learned a lot and not only about programming but about the whole process of game development. There’s a lot of support, there is always someone there to help you.
I had the opportunity to work with many people, both studio staff and other interns, and I can say that they were very kind to me, always attentive, in a good mood, with some joking around.
Regarding projects, I had the pleasure of taking part in several of them, each one more challenging than the previous one, but in the end the objective was achieved and you were satisfied with the result.
I am grateful to 1 Simple Game for my first opportunity in a videogame studio.”

Luis Durán