About Us

10 years active. 9 published games. Over 3 million downloads.

1 Simple Game was built under the premise of entertaining the world, developing incredible and enjoyable experiences for our players regardless of rain, snow or zombie invasions.

Working with an amazing team of highly determined and talented individuals, and building a sustainable business which our community can benefit from… all while having a lot of fun doing it.

Video games offer us the opportunity to combine art, technology, programming, storytelling, marketing, and sound in unique ways that can entertain and inspire our players. Through our collaborative effort, we strive to build a healthy ecosystem that will both allow people sharing the same ideals to work making the best experiences for a worldwide audience for many years, and serve as a reference on how Mexico and LATAM can compete on a global scale.

Meet the team

Francisco Lara

Ovidio Escobedo
Game Director

Jorge Silvadoray
Art Director

Augusto Vázquez
Technical Director

Diana Limón
Public Relations

Heriberto Morales
Senior 2D Artist

Ricardo Paredes
Senior 2D Artist

Jorge Diez
Cinematics Composer

Edgar Rodriguez
3D Artist

Jonatan Morales
3D Artist

Aldo Crespo
Game Designer

Lupita Macedo
Game Programmer

Luis Durán
Game Programmer

Daniel Hernández
Game Programmer

Gaby Delgadillo
CTO & Producer

Luzia Hopfner
New Business

Mauricio Cabrera
Game Producer

Fátima Pastrano

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