Global Game Jam 2018

February 1, 2018

For the past four years we’ve been happy to be a part of this great experience that gathers so many talented people from all around the globe. Each year we put our skills up to the test in order to create fun games that we can enjoy making together, and of course, to watch others having fun while playing them.

In this last Jam, and now with a bigger team, we faced new challenges, improved team skills, missed so much sleep but alas, we did it again!

Our theme this year was “transmission”, which made us wander from cars to spaceships and alien invasions. And this was how Heal Billies was born. Is a fun multiplayer action game where you have to fight against an army of diseases , who will try to enter you ship and destroy its core.

We had a blast creating this game and hope to have a great time again next year. Want to try it out?