1 Simple Game is one of the 10 chosen studios at Global Top Round 2021

November 22, 2021

We already wanted to share this amazing news: we participated in the Global Top Round 2021 program, and with our game I’m Not Jelly became one of the 10 chosen studios for their indie games acceleration.

Here’s the full roster:

According to their page “GTR is an interactive accelerator program dedicated to supporting small studios from all over the world with the development, publishing, and fundraising expertise they need to take their content global and make their businesses sustainable”.

Among other things, this means access to a network of experts in all these themes, workshops, and meetings for several months. This announcement of being part of the 2021 GTR generation is only the beginning of what will happen because of this event.

As you can imagine, all this is still in process, but when we can share something about I’m Not Jelly’s new allies we’ll make sure to let you know through here. At 1 Simple Game, we’re going to focus on developing the game in the best possible way, on a global scale. That a team of connoisseurs from around the world has given it recognition like that motivates us to make it reach its maximum potential.