Technical Animator

About the role

We are looking for a creative Technical Animator who has a passion for games.

You will enter the team as Technical Animator, in charge of producing character rigs, manual and procedural 3D animations and runtime cinematics, and implementing your work in the Unity Engine.

You will also work with Developers, Technical Artists, Artists, and Game Designers to develop features and tools related to animation implementation, as required by the project you are working on.

You may also work on 2D puppet rigs and animations, and in-engine implementation of 2D sprite animations.


  • Work with 3D Artists to ensure all animated assets fulfill technical requirements and follow best practices.
  • Rig and animate 2D puppets and 3D characters and assets.
  • Generate procedural animations using a wide range of tools (splines, Vector Maths, trigonometric functions, etc.)
  • Implement animations into the engine following the guidelines of the development team.
  • Maintain and generate tools for the implementation of runtime cinematics, that may be used by the art and design teams.
  • Develop animation-related features and tools following Unity’s optimization best practices.
  • Document processes, and mentor the junior members of the team.

Required skills and qualifications

  • 3+ years working in the animation/videogames industry; at least 1.5 years as a Technical Animator in some rigging and implementation capacity.
  • Thorough knowledge of the 3D asset creation and animation pipelines, and of best practices and optimizations for video game assets, rigs and animations.
  • This includes thorough knowledge of file formats and export settings involved in these pipelines.
  • Working knowledge of Unity’s best practices.
  • Portfolio showcasing solid rigging skills in Blender and/or Maya (SOYB*).
  • Portfolio showcasing solid animation skills in Blender and/or Maya (SOYB*).
  • Working knowledge of C# using the UnityEngine, and of Python using the Blender/Maya’s APIs.
  • Examples of procedural animation using 3D Mathematics and Unity.
  • Team oriented and good written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to learn quickly and desire to always research and learn.
  • English intermediate proficiency.
  • Examples of animations implemented using the Animator module.
  • Try to show samples of State Machines, Blend Trees, Layers, Avatars, Avatar Masks and IK targets.
  • Examples of animation implementing other Unity modules: Cinemachine, Navigation, 2D Animation, UI.
    *Show Only Your Best

Ideal skills and qualifications

  • At least two years working as a character animator in the videogame industry.
  • At least two years working as a rigger in the videogame industry.
  • Portfolio showcasing solid rigging skills in Blender.
  • Portfolio showcasing solid animation skills in Blender.
  • Can create rigging tools for Blender.
  • Can prototype game features in Unity to test animations.
  • Working knowledge of shaders and materials in Unity.
  • Working knowledge of particle systems in Unity.
  • Experience with Unity’s profiling tools.
  • Has implemented motion capture animation libraries.


  • Experience in gesture drawing and 2D animation.
  • Theoretical knowledge of 3D Computer Graphics.
  • Some formal training in Visual Arts (online course, diploma, related degree, etc.).
  • Some formal training in Programming (online course, diploma, related degree, etc.).
  • Experience in modeling/texturing.
  • Experience in motion capture and XR.

Working conditions and perks

  • Benefits package
  • Work-from-home with opportunity for a hybrid mode
  • Friendly and professional work environment
  • Scrum / agile process and communication
  • Diverse and challenging projects
  • Team building activities and programs
  • Human-centric company culture

Monthly salary

$ 18,000 – $25,000 MXN

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