Senior Backend Programmer

We are growing and evolving our backend services for our mobile games to a micro-service oriented architecture.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Agile development
  • Writing unit and functional test cases
  • Code reviews
  • Communicating and organizing effectively
  • Debugging
  • Embracing our best practices

Required Skills

  • Coding in Java/Groovy
  • Experienced with Node.js language
  • Worked with Containers or K8
  • Good understanding of micro-service architecture
  • Good working knowledge of Git or similar
  • Experience with monitoring server performance, profiling and resource usage

Optional Skills

Unit testing, Spring, React, Google DataStore, Javascript, Typescript, Docker, Unity, C#, Cloud Build, Google Cloud Service/Platform knowledge, REST, XSS, CSRF, CORS, SSL, NoSQL, SQL Injection, Redis, Memcached.

Monthly salary

$ 35,000 – $52,000 MXN

Send us your CV to contact@1simplegame.com