Lead 3D Animator

About the role

You will enter the team as a Lead 3D Animator, in charge of creating character, asset and environmental animations for various videogame projects.

You will propose bespoke animation clips following the guidelines of the Development team, adjusted to the technical constraints of the project.

While most of your animations will be 3D, you may also work on 2D puppet animations.

Ideally, you will be able to rig a character for videogames, as well as animate it. You may also coach, supervise and mentor the junior members of the animation team.


  • Deliver quality character and environment animations following technical constraints.
  • Appropriately export animation clips to the FBX format.
  • Follow the guidelines of the Technical and Art teams to achieve the results desired for a project.
  • Foresee and communicate to the team potential roadblocks in the animation pipeline.
  • Be/become knowledgeable enough in the Unity3D engine to be able to propose animation-related solutions to technical problems.
  • Coach, supervise and mentor junior animators.

Required skills and qualifications

  • 3+ years working in the animation/videogames industry as an animator.
  • Portfolio showcasing solid animation skills in Blender and/or Maya (SOYB*).
  • At least basic knowledge of Unity3D.
  • Ability to learn quickly and a desire to constantly research and learn.
  • At least basic knowledge of rigging, in Blender or Maya.
  • Team-oriented, with good written and verbal communication skills.
  • English intermediate proficiency.

Ideal skills and qualifications

  • At least two years working as a character animator in the videogame industry.
  • Portfolio showcasing solid animation skills in Blender.
  • Working knowledge of rigging in Blender.
  • Has shipped at least one title where several 3D characters were animated by the applicant.

Nice to have’s

  • Experience in gesture drawing and 2D animation.
  • Some formal training in Visual Arts (online course, diploma, related degree, etc.).
  • Experience in modeling/texturing 3D assets.
  • Has used Spine, or the Unity 2D animation tools.

Things to look for in rigging portfolio

  • Strong key poses.
  • Solid demonstration of animation principles.
    • Particularly: good management of weight, silhouette, lines of action and body mechanics.
  • Work within restrictions of frame/camera angle, action time, and rig capabilities.
  • Visual effects are a plus.
  • “WOW effect” animations (including camera direction) are a great plus.
  • Properly-animated unusual characters (birds, insects, quadrupeds) are a great plus.
  • Blocking/planning in the reel is not critical, but nice to have.

Monthly salary

$ 18,000 – $20,000 MXN

Send us your CV to contact@1simplegame.com