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Based in Zapopan, México.

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Conquer different planets at war by hacking and slashing through plant foes in roguelike-style missions. Watch over your mothership to unlock, upgrade and customize Jelly characters for accomplishing objectives and defeat powerful bosses!


As it’s customary for the studio, the inspiration for the setting and characters of I’m Not Jelly arose at a Global Game Jam. The theme was “Transmission”. The first iteration was a local action multiplayer. The concept was liked by the studio to keep working on it, and from a concept art made by the Art Director in June 2020, the better-accepted idea was the hack ‘n slash that ended up as this version of the game, which was begun in December 2020. I’m Not Jelly is a breaking point for 1 Simple Game, because it would be our first game on PC/console. Another challenge will be changing the business model from free-to-play to Premium. With the help from our community, we hope to overcome this trial.


  • Combines war conquest with roguelike mechanics in procedural missions.
  • A skill-based rogue-lite, explore different planets composed of rooms with objectives to complete.
  • Use different Nojellian characters where each one of them has unique attacks, abilities, and skills.
  • Unique perks and skills influence each attempt, putting a twist on every action.
  • Multiple enemies with powerful champions and deadly bosses to face off against.
  • Beware of death, if defeated, the Plantizards will consume the Nojellian body and become stronger.




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Awards & Recognition

  • Global Top Round - Generation 2021 Winner
  • Rogue Jam - Finalist Audience Choice Award
  • Latinx in Gaming Conexion - 3rd Place
  • GamesweekBerlin Dev Booster - 3rd Place
  • GamesweekBerlin Dev Booster - Audience Choice Award
  • Las Maquinitas Ventana Sur - Zvook Award Winner
  • Xsolla XDC Latam Developers - Finalist

About 1 Simple Game

1 Simple Game was built at the beginning of 2013 to develop games for clients and original IPs. In April 2014 our first game was released, Mugogy Jump! Which came out for PS Vita and smartphones iOS & Android. Our next release, Mucho Taco, came out in September 2015 for iOS & Android and became a global hit, with over 2.1 million downloads and winner of several acknowledgments, such as “Best of App Store” by Apple. In November 2017 Deus Cult was released, a niche strategy game. In 2019 we were selected by Google for their program Indie Games Accelerator, for which 30 studios were selected (from over 1700 applications) from emerging countries all over the world to take part in an in-person Bootcamp in Singapore, and of virtual mentoring. June 2020 is a milestone for the studio because we released The Lullaby of Life in the Apple Arcade service. Right now, we’re in the middle of development for 2 new games, “Chronoloop” and “I’m Not Jelly”.

More information
More information on 1 Simple Game, our logo & relevant media assets are available here.


  • Francisco Lara Sikorski
  • Ovidio Ecobedo
    Game Director
  • Román Murillo
    Lead Game Designer
  • Jorge Silvadoray
    Art Director
  • Augusto Vázquez
    Technical Director
  • Karina Lomelí
    Game Producer
  • Diana Limón
    Public Relations
  • Ricardo Ibarra
    Technical Artist
  • Heriberto Morales
    Senior 2D Artist
  • Ricardo Paredes
    Senior 2D Artist
  • Jorge Diez
    Cinematics Composer
  • Edgar Rodríguez
    3D Artist
  • Jonatan Morales
    3D Artist
  • Miguel Reyes
    Technical Animator
  • Issac Ochoa
    Game Programmer
  • Lupita Macedo
    Game Programmer
  • Luis Durán
    Game Programmer
  • Gaby Delgadillo
    CTO & Producer
  • Luzia Hopfner
    New Business
  • Fátima Pastrano
  • Karina Pérez
    Office Manager