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In The Lullaby of Life you are the catalyst for change in a universe since its beginning until the origin of life.

Explore this amazing music-driven world that combines the sound of musical notes into puzzles using timing, dexterity and agility; help it reach its maximum splendor using the power of sound to make life bloom.


  • You will encounter challenges in the form of musical puzzles and characters that will help you in your journey accompanied by cinematic moments full of color and music. Discover new ways to change the world in every level.
  • This game is all about having a great experience, so the main things to consider are:
  • There are no texts in the game since it is designed to be as intuitive as possible.
  • The levels are designed to ease the player into the unique exploration and interaction mechanics contained in the game.
  • There is no need to be an expert in videogames at all, there are no complex mechanics or stressful situations which require a high level of management or multitasking in order to advance in the story.
  • Unique music created for the game.
  • Quick and easy to learn!
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The game has a certain peaceful, child-like quality that could appeal to adults and kids alike.

Shelby Brown - CNET

So many games are about fighting and killing. But the goal of The Lullaby of Life is bringing life to an inert universe

Ed Hardy - Cult of Mac


Developers Choice Award 2021 IndieCade

Audio Design Finalist IndieCade

Best Visual Art Finalist BitBang

Video Game Showroom Pixelatl