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Conquer different planets at war by hacking and slashing through plant foes in roguelike-style missions. Watch over your mothership to unlock, upgrade and customize Jelly characters for accomplishing objectives and defeat powerful bosses!


  • Combines war conquest with roguelike mechanics in procedural missions.
  • A skill-based rogue-lite, explore different planets composed of rooms with objectives to complete.
  • Use different Nojellian characters where each one of them has unique attacks, abilities, and skills.
  • Unique perks and skills influence each attempt, putting a twist on every action.
  • Multiple enemies with powerful champions and deadly bosses to face off against.
  • Beware of death, if defeated, the Plantizards will consume the Nojellian body and become stronger.
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Global Top Round - Generation 2021 Winner

Rogue Jam - Finalist Audience Choice Award

Latinx in Gaming Conexion - 3rd Place

GamesweekBerlin Dev Booster - 3rd Place

GamesweekBerlin Dev Booster - Audience Choice Award

Las Maquinitas Ventana Sur - Zvook Award Winner

Xsolla XDC Latam Developers - Finalist