1 Simple Game
Based in Zapopan, México.

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Chronoloop es un juego de acción y aventura donde el jugador debe luchar contra una invasión de máquinas que esconden un terrible secreto.



  • Viaja a través del tiempo y cambia tu destino
  • Múltiples combates con habilidades especiales




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Premios y reconocimiendos

  • Google Indie Games Accelerator - Ganador en Generación 2019
  • Sublime - Showroom de Videojuegos Selección Oficial
  • Xsolla XDC Latam Developers - Finalista

Acerca de 1 Simple Game

1 Simple Game was built at the beginning of 2013 to develop games for clients and original IPs. In April 2014 our first game was released, Mugogy Jump! Which came out for PS Vita and smartphones iOS & Android. Our next release, Mucho Taco, came out in September 2015 for iOS & Android and became a global hit, with over 2.1 million downloads and winner of several acknowledgments, such as “Best of App Store” by Apple. In November 2017 Deus Cult was released, a niche strategy game. In 2019 we were selected by Google for their program Indie Games Accelerator, for which 30 studios were selected (from over 1700 applications) from emerging countries all over the world to take part in an in-person Bootcamp in Singapore, and of virtual mentoring. June 2020 is a milestone for the studio because we released The Lullaby of Life in the Apple Arcade service. Right now, we’re in the middle of development for 2 new games, “Chronoloop” and “I’m Not Jelly”.

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More information on 1 Simple Game, our logo & relevant media assets are available here.