A fun and irreverent sight for sore eyes.

Increase your score by helping Chairez collect eyedrops and items to alleviate his irritated eyes in this irreverent arcade game, with art designed by Trino.


  • Unique puzzle mechanics. Free and easy to play, but challenging to master.
  • Fulfill the creature’s will by managing a wide variety of tributes.
  • Multiple plagues that create unique challenges.
  • An ample number of scenarios to solve. Only the best can obtain the coveted Golden Medal of Mercy in each stage.


An update to Nazil’s web page was requested to improve on both the information and visual presentation, so as to generate better engagement and brand positioning.


A responsive, functional and visually appealing site was developed, compatible with web and mobile devices. It also included a casual game that provided entertainment to consumers through their most commonly used channels

The main goal was to provide information of the use of eye drops for irritated eyes.

  • Concept
  • Narrative
  • Visual Style

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