Enter Chikitipun Taun and meet your new Alushhhe friend.

Make fun decisions in the magical world of Alushhes, and become the chosen friend of one of them.


  • In-store interactive experience to help kids chose the best Alushhhe for them.
  • Multiple experiences and outcomes depending on user decisions.
  • In-app backend for inventory and product selection.


With the launch of its new toy line, Distroller was looking for an innovative and interactive way of boosting sales for the Alushhhes brand, as well as generating a connection with children through a POP activation.

It was also important to create a connection between the magic world of the Alushhhes and the real world.


An app for tablets was developed that allowed children to enter the virtual world of Alushhhes and visit Chikitipun Taun, where they were made to feel as though a particular Alushhhe chose them based on their traits.

This proposal allowed to serve a greater number of children simultaneously while reducing the personnel required, and ultimately served as a model that could be applied to every POP.

A web adaptation of the app was subsequently developed, which allowed to apply the same philosophy to the e-commerce site

  • Concept
  • Narrative
  • Visual Style
  • Gamification

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