Crazy cooking and wacky time management videogame.

Explore your creativity and make fun combinations with the delicious ingredients of Mamut. Have you ever imagined a Mamut with chocolate inside? Or a Mamut with chili and lemon?


  • 18 different ingredients.
  • 5 different scenarios from Mundo Mamut.
  • 10 characters from Mamut story.


Due to the type of product and targeted market, Mamut is a brand forced to constantly innovate and come up with new ways to interact with their consumers. As such, their request was to meet these requirements as well as to reinforce the presence of the brand and its characters.


A casual game for mobile was developed in the time management genre, where users were tasked with preparing Mamut cookies and serving them to customers, who just so happen to be characters of the brand.

The game was developed for Android and iOS devices.

  • Concept
  • Narrative
  • Visual Style

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