The end is near. The Gods demand tribute.

Deus Cult is a tribute-management game set in a pre-apocalyptic world. Join humanity’s last line of defense and carefully manage your resources to appease the Gods. Plan your strategy and offer Money, Faith or Blood as a tribute, while the Gods unleash plagues that bring the end of the world closer. Coming soon!


Harness the power of the mystical sun tortilla to build your taco empire! Winner of the 2015 Best of App Store award!

Mucho Taco is a fun, vibrant and beautiful take on the idle clicker genre with a unique swiping mechanic where you can make zillions of tacos using the power of the mystical Sun Tortilla and the guidance of Barbacoatl, an enigmatic Tacologist and shaman. With his help, you will build and manage tasty taco restaurants, create delicious salsas and throw hot and vibrant fiestas!



  • Build your taco empire.
  • Invest in over 30 taco stands.
  • Cash in your tacos for a cosmic currency to boost your production even more.
  • Complete awesome oven quests.
  • Invest in loads of new tacos.
  • Smash piñatas for epic prizes.
  • Collect salsa ingredients to maximize your taco investment.
  • Beautiful and colorful pixel art.

Meet the fun-loving Mugogy Monsters, who lived peacefully in the ocean until the evil ZZ Corp. decided to invade their home! Now it’s your turn to help them fight back!

Jump up! Through 60 levels in 4 distinct worlds using different Mugogy Monsters.
Destroy! Enemies and orbs with 8 unique and crazy power-ups.
Earn your reward! Gather as many coins as possible among the wreck you made.



  • Simple touch and tilt gameplay!
  • Varied selection of characters to choose from!
  • 60 fun and challenging levels!
  • 8 unique power-ups!
  • Tons of enemies to destroy!
  • Quick and easy to learn!